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Tailored Group Classes for Companies & Non-Profits

We can give your employees a communication edge. Do you have an office in a Spanish-speaking country and need to improve communications? Is your client base increasingly Spanish-speaking? We will help your employees understand the Hispanic culture, learn basic Spanish, and tailor the curriculum to your industry’s terminology, such as manufacturing, construction, accounting, etc.

  • We visit your office for affordable, small-group classes
  • Classes at lunch, after work or a time that fits your employees’ schedules
  • Curriculum tailored to your industry, your clients, and your market
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Spanish Corporate Classes

Bring Spanish Classes to Your Organization

  • Added Value for Employees

    We focus on teaching the basics at a quick pace by asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. This will help your employees gain confidence to speak short phrases, but won’t overwhelm you to a point where you’re not able to understand responses.

  • Flexible & Affordable

    We can tailor classes around your employees’ schedules. We offer several course packages and levels with targeted objectives to give you the most value for investing in your team. We will also provide classes at your location to save your employees time.

  • Tailored to Your Industry

    Whether you operate in manufacturing, construction, financial services, etc., we will work with you to build a custom curriculum to meet your business goals. We can help you focus on your employees’ needs for travel to Spanish-speaking countries, safety on the production floor, or financial business meetings.

  • Practice Makes Perfect!

    We offer real-life scenarios to help you get over that first hurdle of speaking short phrases in Spanish. Our classes are focused on practical situation that you encounter on a daily basis in your line of work.

Why Expose Your Employees to a New Language?

Improve Performance

Learning a second language helps improve creative thinking, critical analysis, and problem-solving.

Build Bridges

Spanish-speaking colleagues and clients appreciate efforts to build bridges by learning their language and culture.

Expand your business

Spanish is the second-fastest growing language in the world and is growing rapidly in the Columbus area.

Some Local Organizations Where We Provide Classes

Our Standard Packages

Intro to Spanish Language &


  • Seminar-Style Course

  • Ideal for organizations, schools, and businesses wanting to introduce employees to the Hispanic culture, customer and/or client base

  • Also learn basic greetings and introductions to break the ice

  • Great for teachers or social workers with Spanish-speaking families

  • It can be anywhere from 2-8 hours in length

  • No fee for material; industry-specific apps or pocket guides available for purchase

  • Discount available for non-profit agencies.


(up to 20 participants)



  • Ideal for companies with partners or clients overseas that want their employees to have the basic foundation of Spanish before taking a more intensive and targeted course

  • Recommended 12 weeks, 1-1.5 hour class per week

  • Classes can be held as lunch ‘n learn, during the workday, or before or after work

  • Participants will be taught the basics of Spanish, including culture, nomenclature, introductions, basic phrases, numbers and alphabet, basic verb conjugation, etc.

  • Workbooks and material range from $20-$45 per participant based on your organization’s needs


(for up to 8 participants,
$15 per additional student
up to a max. of 12)

Conversational Spanish


  • More intensive course taught in an immersion environment aimed at giving your employees the skills needed to have basic conversations with Spanish-speaking clients and customers

  • Participants will be taught the basics of Spanish with a focus on conversational ability, be able to ask yes or no questions, begin to understand spoken Spanish, and learn to talk about events in the present, past, and future

  • Includes a module dedicated to industry-specific terminology

  • Recommended 20 weeks, 1.5-2 hour class per week

  • Classes can be held as lunch ‘n learn, during the workday, or before or after work


(for up to 8 participants,
$15 per additional student
up to a max. of 10)

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